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Our process is based mostly on instinct, the same kind that you would use to run from a wild stampeding elephant. Our partnership is a collective using both traditional and digital tools to design and illustrate. In the end, it is all about getting your drawing taped to the refrigerator. So we do whatever we can to inspire ourselves, including rafting with the beer drinking monkeys of the Ukandah.


Our methods are completely different. While Danyse is doing multiple tracings of her designs on a light table looking through Pantone color books, Steve is hunched over a Wacom tablet in the basement working mostly in Photoshop.


We tried some designs printed on direct to garment (DTG) machines. While we liked the result, it lacked some detail and we worried about the lasting quality of the image. We also gave sublimation a shot, but despite liking the colors felt that most folks wouldn’t really want to wear a polyester shirt, which is required in the sublimation process. So we elected to do our shirts with the silkscreen process for the best possible result. We teamed up with a great screen printer in Denver and have been shucking shirts up and down I-25 ever since. We tried a few designs with halftones wanting to capture a variety of subtleties in the color and the line work, which was met with varying results. Our best shirts seem to be the flat spot colors, so we will likely stick with that process.


Many tees in the Off Leash Tees line are 9 or 10 colors, meaning 9 or 10 screens and inks. As illustrators, we just had a hard time holding back, and we hope that the love and enthusiasm we put into our designs will earn your support!